A training zone for Moodle users, featuring the Essential Moodle skills for Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.
Staff should use the workshop area alongside the Moodle skills award material to hone their skills. Begin by creating a course under your own name to begin evidencing your skills.

Essential Moodle Skills - Going for Gold logo

Essential Moodle Skills: BRONZE
  • Personal Profile (to include email address)
  • Access course category and create learning contents
  • Adding topics, topic headings and an image.
  • Make a folder to store and organise documents
  • Upload and display documents and websites
  • Set a course event in your calendar
  • Organising Moodle blocks
  • Assignments uploaded by student to Moodle. 
  • Teachers set, receive and mark assignments through Moodle 

Expert Moodle Skills: GOLD
  • Library tab: Open the library tab and use Ebrary to capture and reference text
  • Embedded learning content (Xerte, eChalk, videos, podcasts etc)
  • To provide support for Silver and Bronze level
Established Moodle Skills: SILVER
  • Upload multiple documents: Create a zipped file and upload to Moodle Files
  • Slideshow: Create a photo slideshow
  • Communication: Set up a chat room, glossary and forum.
  • Moodle assignments: Set an electronic assignment with a document link
  • Embed video: Open Moodle editor to embed a YouTube or e Stream video
  • RSS: Open a Moodle block and embed an information feed (e.g. news, sport, weather)
  • Moodle quiz: Set up a basic multiple choice quiz
  • Hot Potatoes quiz: Set up and embed a basic crossword
  • Email: Use Moodle to send a group email message
  • Moodle grade book: Open and view result
  • Reports: View Moodle log
  • To provide support forBronze level